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Friedrich Lips

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When Friedrich Lips, a twenty-year-old Soviet youth in his second year at the Gnesins Musical-Pedagogic Institute, Moscow, appeared at the International Accordion Competition in Klingenthal in 1969, the jury was captivated by his determination, original approach to interpretation, fine sense of style and manly straightforwardness combined with sincere emotion.

Friedrich Lips was born in the small town of Yemanzhelinsk, in the Urals. His father, a miner, was a dedicated music lover and began to teach his son to play the accordion when the boy was just five years old. After completing the course of the Magnitogorsk Music College Friedrich Lips continued his studies at the Gnesins Musical-Pedagogic Institute in Moscow, where he subsequently took a post-graduate cource with S. Kolobkov. His accordion master, a serious musician, introduced Lips to the art of the world's greatest organists such as Robert Köbler and Albert Schweitzer.
Friedrich Lips gave his first solo recital in Magnitogorsk in 1970 and since then has toured widely both in the Soviet Union and abroad, appearing in the GDR, Bulgaria, Mon-(-his performances are included in the Golden Fund of Tapes) and made several recordings.

The accordionist combines concert activities with teachning, and two of his pupils — V. Dolgopolov and V. Muntyan — are international prizewinners. He makes arrangements for his instrument of various works of classic music, compiles and edits collections of accordion pieces, participates in international conferences and seminars, and contributes articles to the press.

Like other Soviet accordionists, Friedrich Lips regards the accordion as a valuable instrument for chamber musichaking, and indeed, the latest makes of the prepared-selective bayan-accordion with their rich timbre range, sound not unlike the organ and enables the performers to present musical compositions in a rich and colourful guise. That is why the public is fascinated with Friedrich Lips's renditions of works by Bach, Franck, Granados, Albeniz, Villa-Lobos, Messaien, Couperin, Rameau, Daquin, Liadov, Mussorgsky, Khachaturyan, Kholminov, Zolotaryov, Shchedrin, Zhurbin, Repnikov and Volkov (the three last-named composers have dedicated their accordion works to Lips).

A talented and highly professional musician, perfect master of his instrument, Fried-rich Lips succeeds in putting over the ideas and the finest shades of music works, be they ever so complex. His talent and dedicatedness to music, his impeccable technique and constant striving to enlarge his repertoire ensure Lips public and critical acclaim wherever he may appear. His name is that of a musician who has won fresh triumphs for Russian music, and the Russian bayan-accordion, in the world at large.


"The young accordionist appeals by his penetrating and lucid interpretation, his manly and vigorous manner of playing. His performance is distinguished for deep feeling technical perfection and purity of tone".
Muzykalnaya Zhizn

"Lips is an outstanding artist... one who has recieved the best possible musical and technical training. His playing is a combination of technical virtuosity, superb utilisation of all of the instrument's resources, passion and emotionality. This synthesis of spontaneity and wisdom, prefect selfcontrol and free imagination aroused the enthusiasm of the capacity audience".
Land og folk

"Friedrich Lips is a true artist of his instrument. He played the works of his compatriots Zhurbin, Podgorny and Zolotaryov, wholly captivationg the public. In the programme featuring the transcriptions of such popular Spanish pieces as Córdova and asturia by Albeniz, Malaguena by Lecuona and Fifth Spanish Dance by Granados Friedrich Lips once again demonstrated consummate mastery, astonishing technique and aunique sense of rhythm. He closed the concert with Villa-Lobos's fiery Dance of White Indians interpretedwith breath-taking brilliance. The audience gave him a standing ovation".
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